Useful Information

Helpful HMRC Telephone numbers

  • Self - Assessment - 0300 200 3310
  • National Insurance - 0300 200 2500
  • Income Tax - 0300 200 3300
  • Employers PAYE  - 0300 200 3200
  • VAT - 0300 200 3210

Of course if you don't want the hassle and headache of talking to the Tax Office, we would be more than happy to deal with your enquiries.

What expenses can be claimed when self-employed

If you are self-employed you are probably wondering what expenses you can and cannot include in your Tax return to  hopefully claim back a Tax rebate. Here we have a summary that may help you along the way.

To ensure you receive the best possible Tax rebate it is essential to keep a record of all your earnings and expenditure.  As a general rule, you should keep these records for a minimum of six years.

Travel Expenses

Being  self-employed there are numerous travel expenses you can claim.  Here is a list you may need to know.  Of course we will help you collate any information you need to help with your tax return.

  • Expenses for journeys to and from your clients, customers or temporary work places.
  • Costs of trains, bus and taxi fares can be claimed.  
  • Parking fees and toll charges can also be claimed.
  • Breakdown cover for your vehicle.
  • You can not claim for any fines.
  • Non-business related travel or driving costs can not be claimed. 

PPE and Tools

 If you work within a sector that requires certain tools, uniform or protective wear to help you carry out your work you are able to claim back on those costs. You can claim back on any tools that you’ve purchased or hired plus any PPE (personal protective equipment) this includes hi- vis and boots. 

Office, Property And Equipment

 If you are self-employed you’ll have various expenses and running costs. You can claim costs on items you would normally use for less than two years as allowable expenses. Examples as follows: 


Stationery -  

  • Phone, Mobile, Fax & Internet.
  • Printing, Printer Cartridges. 
  • Computer Software.
  • Postage.


Premises -     

  • Rent, Rates, Light, Heat.
  • Insurance costs. 
  • Repairs, Maintenance & Cleaning.


There are many areas where Tax relief can be given for business related expenses. At PA Bookkeeping we will ensure that you are claiming your full allowances for these expenses throughout the course of the year. As a recommendation, if there is any expenditure you are unsure about, please make a record of the cost regardless and we will use our professional judgement in deciding whether or not this should be claimed.


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