The impact of coronavirus on local businesses

The impact of coronavirus on local businesses

11 Dec 2020

After reading the national and local papers I thought I would ask the questions regarding local businesses, if this terrible virus is already having an impact on their business.

We know of one instance, a local taxi company, who's main contracts are airport bookings for holiday makers and local businesses, is already having bookings cancelled within his industry for airport runs for both businesses and holiday makers, who having to cancel the companies business.  

We have been reading on social media how this is also effecting  a local travel agent, who's bookings have been reduced compared to last year, as people are fearful of what is happening.  

Are local companies who are involved in major supply chain from China being effected? 

After reading a very good article that China of course is responsible for a third of global manufacturing and the worlds largest exporter, it is no surprise that coronavirus is already having a knock on effect on businesses that export to the country.  

Not only will businesses that manufacture their products in China, or receive business equipment from their factories (such as office supplies) be experiencing delays, British exporters, including those that export luxury consumer goods such as whisky and salmon to the Chinese market will also be experiencing a decline  in demand as consumer confidence drops also with the national economy. 

We are reading that supermarkets are not having the opportunity to fill the shelves with essential items, as consumers will be needing, such as toilet rolls etc, and this is already reflecting with businesses in the local areas.

Unfortunately the knock on effect is already showing of this terrible and frightening virus to local businesses , who are relying on the holiday trade, and much more.

Please be vigilant and try to look after each, read as much as you can of how you can help so this terrible virus can eventually cease this global spread.