COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

11 Dec 2020

Two weeks ago, we asked the question on our blog, regarding this terrible virus, and what impact is was having on your business.  Two weeks later, we are seeing , how this virus has now been classed as an pandemic, businesses are closing, staff having to take self-isolation, social distancing, lay-offs etc.  Due to the government ruling, cafe's, pubs, restaurants, gyms, social gatherings venue's are now closed.  The business community are trying to diversify into offering take-away service for meals, snacks, to both help people, and to try and keep going, so they too do not have to close.  


The spirit of the people trying to help the small businesses in these adverse time, really does show, that people do care, which is so nice to see. 


We are receiving daily updates from the Government for any updated legislation of how to help businesses with various grants, loans, deferment, and a lot more.

On our important document page, we are updating people with the latest guidance for businesses and employees, during this terrible time, for the whole world.

Home working is very close to our heart, and we are putting together our own social distancing for the sake of our clients, and us as well, so we are looking into weekly skype chats, dropping paperwork to our premises, into a designated area, plenty of emails, phone conversations, with all our clients which we hope helps them run their business with our help.


Take a look at our important document page for daily updates of the latest guidance from the government, which we hope helps everybody, keep safe, and if you or your business needs any assistance with how to apply for grants, loans etc from HMRC etc, please contact us, we are only an email away.